Lisa Bishop

Business Advisor

San Francisco SBDC

About Me:

Lisa provides soft skills training & consulting to large and small business. Her expertise is in organizational and leadership development, facilitation, training/ coaching as well as diversity and inclusion.
For more than a decade, Lisa has conducted soft skills training for private and public agencies; and volunteer management training for non-profits. She truly committed to empowering, engaging, and enabling employees to their full potential.
She conducts webinars, retreats, workshops, coaching and facilitation. Her goal is to create a positive transformation within organizations, via coaching teams and executives, including initiators, decision makers, influencers, and intervention implementers. She assists organizations in meeting personal/organizational goals, enhancing strategic thinking, interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, career development/transition, effective team building, performance management, diversity and inclusion, and many others.

Expertise: BUSINESS STRATEGY Managing Employees Operations Team Building Team Management