Wyatt Lin

Business Advisor

San Francisco SBDC

About Me:

Wyatt Lin is a multifaceted real estate consultant and licensed broker, recognized for his strategic approach to financial management and expertise in the California real estate market. With a career foundation that dates back to the early ’90s, Wyatt has meticulously carved out his niche, becoming a leading authority in commercial real estate consulting, loan packaging, and financial analysis.

Since 2008, Wyatt’s foresight in real estate investment has guided clients through the intricacies of property acquisition, management, and bespoke loan financing solutions. His analytical aptitude excels in his ability to tailor loan packages and conduct rigorous financial analyses, ensuring optimal profitability tactics are employed for each venture

Wyatt’s experience extends beyond financial expertise into the legal arena, where he excels in commercial lease negotiations, providing legal support that anchors his clients’ interests firmly within the realms of compliance and best practice. His consulting proficiency is particularly pronounced in advising on small business establishment and formation, where he fuses strategic foresight with pragmatic solutions.

Wyatt has an MBA from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Expertise: Commercial Real Estate Finance